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The Fishpond Teams exclusive sign up day for clients and students of the Karen Gorman Academy of Speech and Drama and Casting Agency in Letterkenny. header-email The Karen Gorman Academy of Speech and Drama is unique in the fact thatís itís the only Agency of itís type in the North West. Karen works with all the major casting directors in Dublin and beyond and her Casting Agency Is well renowned for providing excellence and quality to aspiring young actors.

Anyone is welcome to apply, including those who already attend other Speech and Drama classes or performing arts classes. Equally, no experience is necessary for u16's HoweverOver 16's do require experience and/or training.

Fishpond is Irelandís premier casting database, and was launched back in 2008 by Ali Coffey. Ali Coffey founder of Fishpond is one of the countryís busiest casting directors. With 5 years under their belt bringing opportunities to adult Irish actors, they were keen to include tiny and teen thespians, so last Summer, Pondlings aka Young Fishpond, went live! There are over 600 different companies and individuals who cast projects including Film, TV, Commercials, Corporate Videos etc. through the site.

Fishpond offer a personal touch so Katy and Kathryn are always on hand to help by phone or email with any issues at all relating to you or your children's acting careers.Their State of the art custom built platform has security at its core. And theIr Promoters are constantly launching new campaigns and initiatives to ensure Fishpond is on the desktop of everyone casting.

Hereís what the actors say about the pond

Now on to the day itself: This day is only open to clients who are on the books of Karen Gorman Casting Agency, to sign up e mail

The sign up day starts with a general Q&A about coming in for auditions and how to get the best out of each and every opportunity that comes your way so have your questions ready.

We'll also talk about Fishpond and how it works, before offering an exclusive discounted rate for students and clients of the Karen Gorman Academy of Speech and Drama and Casting Agency and weíll sign you up there and then.

And with Karen representing you as your agent, you will have a support network in the North West.

Fishpond love casting and are proud to proclaim a combined 20 years of experience so you know youíre in safe hands.